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Why the Name SucceedDID?

Our vision is to guide you to your success story by helping you to find the strength, talent, drive, and motivation within.  Success is not born on the outside of you, it is created within and then manifested through your attitude, faith, accomplishments, relationships, and more.  Instead of focusing on success stories, we focus on what successful people actually DID to achieve results.  We give you actionable steps you can start taking today to achieve your goals in life.  We also take you on an inward journey to help you discover you are successful from within.

Our Story

SucceedDID was founded by entrepreneur and author Kia McClain.  Kia has a unique success story that started when the economy crashed in 2008 and her family lost everything.  She went from a stay-at-home-mom and highly successful spoken word artist to a career with companies like AFLAC, USAA, JP Morgan Chase, and Expedia in an effort to “learn” what to do as a business, and what not to do.

She used her experience at AFLAC to learn creative problem-solving and branding.  She used her time at USAA to learn top-notch customer service.  She used her time at JP Morgan Chase to get a front row seat at what employees go through that are often underpaid and underappreciated.  She used her time at Expedia to learn what it takes to be an innovator.

She took everything she learned from those companies and blended it with the knowledge she gained as a freelancer and contractor for companies such as Google and more.  She went on to become a highly successful, award-winning (2016) entrepreneur that has been written about, interviewed, and seen on Huff Post Live, Huffington Post, Business Insider, NASA TV, CBS, CW, and more.

SucceedDID started out as Kia’s e-book, The Fearless Brain.  Based on the responses to the excerpts of the book she posted online in September 2016, she decided to create an online community, SucceedDID, with thousands of subscribers, and an overwhelmed inbox requesting everything from daily quotes to advice.

Kia additionally became a partner at The Laya Center, a holistic health center the focuses on health from a mind-body perspective.  Kia brings the coworking spa and brain hacking aspect to the center as well as how to use technology to best reach your goals in life, career, and business.

SucceedDID is a culmination of these efforts being a storytelling, teaching, and outreach platform to help others become successful in all areas of their lives.