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Success Simplified Into Five Easy Steps

Success Is an Accumulation of Both Positive and Negative Results

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Today I am going to answer an age-old question, “What is success”?  I am not going to launch into a long-winded explanation as I am sure many of you have heard those before.  I am going to give you the mathematical answer of what success is.  Success is simply an accumulation of both positive and negative results.

As a math-inclined being, I am always looking to break problems down into their simplest form, this is the only way to solve a huge problem.  This is the type of methodology that I use day in and day out to solve problems in every part of my life.

You may ask why I am including negative results.  Results are an inescapable fact of life, even if you sit and do nothing, you will receive the results of your inaction just as surely as 2+2 will always equal 4.  With this in mind, in order to create a balance between negative and positive results, you would then need to make an effort to create more positive results in life.  Using my five-step system you can achieve success in any part of your life simply by creating a math problem.

Step 1: Discover the Math Problem in Your Results

One of the major issues in problem-solving is that people have a tendency to focus on what they did wrong vs specific actions and results they keep repeating.  For example, let’s say you want to lose weight so you can have a beach body each summer.  If every summer rolls around and you are not in shape, saying I ate too much and didn’t exercise enough is not going to lead to changed behavior. However, taking a closer look at your behavior and extrapolating that you really like pizza and you eat one every single week and realizing that you drink Starbuck’s coffee every day will lead to changing your behavior.  So how do you do this?

Step 2: Journal Your Results and Habits

How many times have you realized that it is the end of the day and you have not completed anything that you planned to do?  I call this living life without accountability to yourself.  If you don’t hold yourself accountable for your results and habits you will never reach your goals.  You cannot effectively create goals if you do not first conquer your habits and results.  You must gain awareness of what you are doing that is preventing progress.  The first step to creating healthy goals is creating productive results and habits.  Getting started is as easy as journaling your current habits and your current results on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Step 3: Quantify Your Positive and Negative Results

Now that you have had a chance to observe your habits and results you must evaluate how often you are getting the results you want.  If you are not getting the results you want most of the time, what habits are creating those results?  If you are getting the results that you want, what habits are creating those results?  Taking a real and honest look at your behavior can be very revealing.

Step 4: Identify Why You are Repeating Patterns of Behavior

When you identify positive and negative habits, and results, often you will see a pattern of behavior, mood, consistency, and circumstances.  For example, you may notice that you are doing better and staying more focused when certain people are around, while you have more negative results and are distracted when other people are around.  This can carry over into places, things, times of the month or even the year.  When you are able to identify the patterns of behavior that work for you, or against you, you are ready to create your action plan.

Step 5: Create a Plan of Action Based on Your Habits and Results

The biggest battle you will face in changing your habits and results is conquering yourself.  The good news is by identifying how you are getting in your own way, you can eliminate behaviors that jeopardize you reaching your goals.  Your plan of action will be based on mindfulness and awareness of your behavior and how certain people, places, and things affect your ability to reach your goals.  This is where the rubber hits the road, you are essentially going to be the driving force of your will in life.  Not everyone is going to like the “new you”.  Do not allow this to stop you from going after your goals.

Rising up to the challenge of habitually creating positive habits and results in your life will be a rewarding journey.  A plan of action will not only create accountability to yourself, it will also give you a roadmap to success.  Changing your habits and results is just step one.  The next step is goal-setting.  In order to be successful in goal-setting, you must be in the right mindset for setting goals. Not only that, you must set goals that you can realistically meet.

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Written by Kia McClain

CEO and Founder of SucceedDID. I am a growth hacker, author, entrepreneur, and techie! Follow me on Facebook at

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