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It is Okay to Change Your Mind!

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Has it ever struck you how strange it is that people approach life like it is a game show?  You are given a few answers to choose from, once you lock in a choice you cannot change it or you will suffer some sort of penalty.  Don’t try to take your time to make a decision, if you do, you are “moving too slow”, the opportunity will pass you by.  Too often the pressure is put on to make the right decision the “first time” or somehow you are too inept to make the right call.

This is a form of manipulation to try to force you into a decision that is the best for someone other than you.  Too often, people come to this realization but they do not move to change their course of action.  They feel stuck because the decision they made was so “huge”, they would not dare change their mind or their course of action for fear of how it will look to others.

Now let’s get back to what I said about manipulation.  Why is there a problem with what “others” will think of your decision to change your mind?  If you are doing business, life, or any other circumstance as two grown adults why is the rumor mill even on the table as a possibility? Secondly, let us explore the gravity of this decision that you have decided to reverse.

Let’s think about what a “big decision” is.  In my opinion, a big decision is something that is life altering.  It is a choice that will change your whole life forever.  Examples of these choices include getting married, having children, and buying a house.  Have you noticed a trend in these decisions?  All of these decisions have a direct impact on you and your personal life.  Whether you are getting married, having children, or buying a house, only yourself, or your household is affected by this decision.

The question then becomes, are the people who are so concerned with your personal decisions renting a room in your home?  Are they making monthly contributions to your household income? What are they doing that is so important that your whole life needs to stop on their behalf?  If you cannot come up with a solid answer for this question, you have every right to change your mind at will.

Removing controlling and manipulative people from your life is as simple as making them realize that they no longer have control over your actions.

Written by Kia McClain

CEO and Founder of SucceedDID. I am a growth hacker, author, entrepreneur, and techie! Follow me on Facebook at

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